Sanaa Lathan Seeks Hair Liberation in ‘Nappily Ever After’

By Sameer Rao Aug 03, 2018

A Black woman fights her inner demons—along with some in the shape of family, friends and society—in "Nappily Ever After," an upcoming Netflix film whose trailer debuted yesterday (August 2). 

The movie draws from the eponymous first book in Trisha R. Thomas’ popular "Nappily" series. "Shots Fired" actress Sanaa Lathan stars as Violet Jones, whose seemingly perfect professional and romantic life belie an unhappiness that she avoids confronting.

Plagued by issues in her personal life, as well as a salon accident that ruined her chemically straightened hair, Violet impulsively shave her head. The decision shocks her family, long-term boyfriend (Ricky Whittle, "Hollyoaks") and colleagues, all of whom react with a mix of concern and contempt. She is forced to find peace and define her happiness past the expectations placed on her—and her hair. 

"My hair was a second job," Jones reflects in a voiceover. "Now I’m forced to focus on myself. I wonder who I’ll be."

Find the answer when "Nappily Ever After," directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour ("Wadjda"), debuts on September 21.