San Quentin Speaks Via New Season of ‘Ear Hustle’ Podcast

By Sameer Rao Sep 12, 2018

As the nationwide strike for reform of the nation’s carceral system comes to an end, a group of incarcerated people at California’s San Quentin State Prison debut the third season of their podcast, "Ear Hustle."


rnt"Ear Hustle" co-hosts and producers Earlonne Woods and Nigel Poor explain in "Birdbaths and a Lockbox" that an early summer lockdown (where incarcerated people are forced to remain in cells around the clock) actually delayed the Peabody Award-nominated podcast’s latest season. The episode features their interviews with other incarcerated men about how they deal with the unpredictable nature of lockdowns. 

The pair say in a preview clip that this season of the show, distributed by Radiotopia from PRX, will also feature discussions on the history of San Quentin, the experiences of incarcerated immigrants and the incarceration of children. 

Listen to the first episode below: