San Francisco Activists Block Deportation Bus

Demonstrators kept bus from moving for about two hours.

By Aura Bogado Oct 18, 2013

Some 100 people–many of them undocumented youth–blocked a deportation bus Thursday evening outside immigration headquarters in San Francisco. For the next two hours or so, about 20 people placed themselves in front of and in back of the bus. Many of those involved recently attended a convergence in Arizona, which included trainings and civil disobedience actions, including the blocking of another deportation bus. 

Federal immigration police told demonstrators that they would face felony charges if they didn’t clear the way–but activists held their ground. They were eventually escorted away from the bus, which was packed with immigrants preparing to be deported or heading to detention centers, and the bus took off.

It’s likely that demonstrators will hold similar actions in various cities in the coming days, as they demand President Obama halt record-setting deportations.