Samuel L. Jackson Gives Sleepy Parents Everywhere a Good Laugh

The actor took to the David Letterman Show to read portions of Adam Mansbach's hilarious new children's book for parents.

By Jamilah King Jun 17, 2011

By now, if you’ve ever been the sleep-deprived parent of a restless toddler (or newborn; paging Colorlines Art Director Hatty Lee, who just gave birth to an adorable baby boy), you’ve likely already heard about Adam Mansbach‘s "Go the F*ck to Sleep." The satirical children’s book — that’s strictly meant for parents — started as Mansbach’s Facebook rant after dealing with his own restless two-year-old daughter. The idea took off, and the book hit shelves this week. And who better to give voice to an expletive-ladden children’s book than Samuel L. Jackson? In the video that’s above from last night’s David Letterman show, the actor reads portions of the book.

And for the record, the original five minute YouTube clip of Jackson’s reading was taken down for copyright reasons. But if like what you see above, go ahead and give the real book a try.