Rural Poor Hit Hardest by High Gas Prices; Sean Bell Task Force Makes Recommendations

By The News Jun 09, 2008

Prices At the Pumps Top $4, Rural Drivers Hardest Hit Low income families in rural parts of the United States are feeling the record-level gas prices much harder than other Americans. With larger vehicles and lack of public transit, drivers across the South, Southwest and the upper Great Plains are having to choose between food and gas. New York Times. More Local Police Work Without ICE to Whiten Communities Frustrated that ICE is not rounding up immigrants in their towns quickly enough, some local law enforcement, like Sheriff Wendell Hall of Santa Rosa County in Florida, have started terrorizing immigrant communities on their own. New York Times. Detention Center Becomes the New Cash Crop in Texas On the site of an old cotton field, the new LCS Detention Center near Robstown, Texas will create more than 200 jobs and pump more than $1 million a year into the county. The 1,100 bed facility is being built to hold immigrants detained by ICE and the Border Patrol. Caller-Times. Sean Bell Task Force Offers New Policing Policies "A coalition of city, state and federal lawmakers probing police policies and procedures in the wake of the Sean Bell shooting Sunday recommended 15 pieces of legislation aimed at preventing a repeat episode." AM New York.