‘Rounding Up’ Illegal Immigrants; No Money For Healthcare?

By The News Oct 04, 2007

Racial Profiling based on language In Arizona, legal immigrants are facing verbal abuse and accusations of taking away jobs. These threats are based on the assumption that if a person does not speak English, s/he cannot be legal. Discrimination and racial profiling based on language has been on the rise in the area. The Associated Press Low-income children denied health care President Bush’s veto of a bill to expand child healthcare has been met with national outrage. Funding continues to be prioritized for the war in Iraq, while health care for low income communities seems to have been put on the backburner. BBC News The Largest Illegal Immigration Sweep Yet Up to 1,300 illegal immigrants with criminal records or deportation orders have been rounded up in Southern California, with 600 of them already being deported. The scale of this operation as a method of ‘setting an example’ brings into question what real reform is being made within immigration policy. US News More Blacks/Latinos in Jail, Not in College Dorms Civil rights advocates are appalled by figures showing that more young blacks/latinos end up in jail than in college. The statistics point to a systemic problem that upholds incarceration as opposed to education for minority populations. MSNBC