Roots of Black-Latino Anger

By Andre Banks Jan 11, 2007

Way back in May I wrote a piece called The Price of the Ticket weighing in on the much discussed "Black-Brown Divide" in the immigration debate. I argued there that an economic explanation alone doesn’t capture the root of the conflict in communities across the U.S. An excellent new opinion piece by Tanya Hernandez, a law professor at Rutgers, is taking that idea to another level. Arguing her point in the LA Times:

It is certainly true that the acrimony between African Americans and Latinos cannot be resolved until both sides address their own unconscious biases about one another. But it would be a mistake to ignore the Latino side of the equation as some observers have done — particularly now, when the recent violence in Los Angeles has involved Latinos targeting peaceful African American citizens.

Read this article. Controversial in the best way, it takes seriously an often ignored but critically important discussion about race, culture and economy in the U.S. sure to make headlines in 2007.