Romney Enlists Gingrich on Welfare-Bashing Kick

Romney has positioned welfare as his newest line of attack, bringing his former primary rival on to serve as head assault dog.

By Seth Freed Wessler Aug 08, 2012

The Romney campaign is ratcheting up it’s charges that President Obama "gutted" welfare reform by ending work requirement’s for program participants. Following the release yesterday of a campaign ad titled "Right Choice" that claims the Obama administration now "just send(s) you your welfare check," the Romney camp today enlisted Newt Gingrich to throw down in the ring. On a conference call with reporters today, Gingrich launched a forceful attack [saying](, "On the hard left there is unending desire to create a dependent America. There is a deep repudiation of middle-class work ethic," the Hill reported. "It’s not just Obama’s a radical, but the people he appoints are even more radical," Gingrich said. The former primary rivals have joined forced to attack an administrative policy shift last month that will grant states more power over the administration of their cash assistance programs. The attacks are based on lies, but the assaults are likely to help the Romney campaign sure up the GOP’s white, working class base.