Romney Allegedly Bussed in 200 Supporters to NAACP to Cheer for Him

The people you heard cheering for Mitt Romney at the NAACP meeting Wednesday were not all NAACP members.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 11, 2012

The people you heard [cheering for Mitt Romney at the NAACP meeting ]( were not all NAACP members, according to several sources who say Romney bussed in an estimated 200 supporters to the gathering. CNN analyst Roland Martin who was present at the NAACP gathering tweeted he saw an estimated 200 people get off Romney busses including Fla. Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.

"President Obama’s policies are failing us,"[ Carroll said in a statement on Wednesday.]( "The African-American unemployment rate increased by almost an entire percentage point last month and, at 14.4 percent, it is almost double that of the nation’s overall unemployment rate. This is simply unacceptable. We cannot settle for another month of nearly nonexistent job creation. President Obama’s policies have made a bad situation worse for struggling African-American families. Fortunately, we can put a stop to these job-killing policies by electing Mitt Romney. Governor Romney understands and knows what it takes to create a favorable environment for job creation, and with his pro-growth agenda, Mitt Romney will steer our country back in the right direction and this direction will help restore prosperity for African American-families."