Roles Reverse When Club Bouncers of Color Profile White Man in New Comedy Sketch

By Sameer Rao Mar 10, 2016

We see proof every day that people of color—really, people of any marginalized group—are held to a double standard, perceived as individually culpable when another in their group does something awful. Iranian-American actress Kathreen Khavari told us as much in a statement for "Racial Profiling," a new satirical video she stars in and scripted. She described her motivation for the sketch, which depicts a White male clubgoer being harassed as a suspected mass shooter, as follows: 

I filmed this sketch at the YouTube space in Los Angeles last fall, with some friends and actors that I brought together after the idea came to me out of the frustration I felt towards our society’s/media’s double standard when it comes to race (and gender, but that’s a different story). Excuses are always made for Caucasians who commit atrocities, but people of color who do the same are immediately painted with a very broad and prejudiced brush. We live in an extremely tense international climate, and people who are quick to place blame on the "other" should really take the time to reflect on their own hypocrisy.

Khavari plans to release three more sketches in the near future, in which she’ll play "multiple characters having a roundtable discussion about Trump, women’s reproductive rights and gun control." She appears in "Best in Show" director Christopher Guest’s upcoming Netflix mockumentary "Mascots" and is currently filming for "Dallas Buyers Club" director Jean-Marc Vallée’s HBO miniseries "Big Little Lies." 

Check out "Racial Profiling" above.