RNC’s Director of Black Media Outreach Calls Rosa Parks Tweet a ‘Typo’

Not the mea culpa one might have expected, but a rich television moment nonetheless.

By Julianne Hing Dec 05, 2013

The Republican National Committee’s newly appointed Communications Director for Black Media, Orlando Watson, had the unenviable job of answering for his organization’s embarrassing weekend Twitter gaffe this week. And it didn’t go well. Speaking with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Wednesday, Watson dismissed the controversy, saying "Talking about a typo and a tweet, it’s old news."

It’s an awkward, deeply uncomfortable TV segment. Watson isn’t interested in talking about the tweet, so Roberts asks Watson about the GOP’s efforts at voter suppression, the party’s relationship with black voters and its ongoing, failing efforts to torpedo Obamacare. Watson flounders, but not before repeatedly holding up a printed copy of the RNC’s statement about the organization’s honoring the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ historic act of civil disobedience and offering to read straight off the release. (He never does.)

It’s not suggested viewing if you’re averse to seeing people embarrass themselves publicly.