Rise In Racist Incidents At Colleges; US Attacks Illinois Immigration Law

By The News Sep 26, 2007

Racist Incidents Surge on College Campuses Nooses are not only in Jena, LA. The U. of Maryland and US Coast Gaurd Academy have also had the racist symbols on their college campuses along with other incidents across the country. Washington Post. Supreme Court to Rule on Voter ID Laws In time for the 2008 elections, the Supreme Court will hear the case to determine the legality of Voter ID laws in the country that will overwhelmingly impact voting access for communities of color. New York Times. Immigrants Argue Racial Profiling in CT Nine day laborers expected to file a federal lawsuit challenging the legality of a sting operation in Danbury, Conn., last year that led to their arrest on immigration charges will argue that they were illegally targeted by ICE agents. New York Times Nike Makes an American Indian Shoe In an effort to combat obesity among American Indians, Nike is unveiling a new show "designed with a larger fit for the distinct foot shape of American Indians [that] has a culturally specific look." MSNBC. Justice Dept. Sues IL Over Immigration Law Homeland Security, in efforts to preempt an Illinois state law that bars businesses from using the employee verification program, is suing the state for what they are calling "a direct assault on the federal law." Los Angeles Times.