R.I.P Gina Hotta

By Hatty Lee Oct 01, 2009

We lost another extraordinary Asian American community leader this past Monday. Gina Hotta passed away of a heart attack Monday night. An Asian American activist raised in the Bay Area, she was fighting up until the UC walk-outs last week. She is probably best known for her work on Apex Express. Every week or so, awaiting in my email inbox, would be a thoughtful subject line ranging from human trafficking to tabla musicians. She brought together so many different issues and people into a one hour radio show. To me, she represented the type of woman I aspire to become—a life filled with dope music, loving people and political savvy. Her voice will truly be missed. This has been a sad year filled with many losses—Gina Hotta, Ron Takaki, Al Robles and others. Let’s remember and honor them all, and continue fighting with their spirits. If you haven’t already checked out Apex Express, tune in tonight as the community honors Gina. Apex Express 7-8pm KPFA 94.1 FM