Rinku Sen & Gary Delgado on Multiracial Movement Building [PODCAST]

By Chevon Drew Nov 08, 2016

As Race Forward’s 2016 Facing Race National Conference is set to begin this week in Atlanta, GA, the storytelling podcast “Facing Race: Stories & Voices” concludes, with Race Forward Executive Director Rinku Sen, and Gary Delgado, founder and former executive director. Rinku & Gary discuss stories of growing up in all-white enclaves on Long Island, and how they came to learn about, and participate in their first acts of organizing. We learn about some key moments that influenced the lenses through which Rinku and Gary see the world, and their place as organizers within it.

The “Facing Race: Stories & Voices” podcast is a special series of oral histories recorded at the 2014 Facing Race National Conference in Dallas, TX. It features an array of thinkers and advocates sharing formative memories illustrating the many paths and experiences in racial justice work, and all 14 tracks may be streamed in the playlist below, on Race Forward’s site, or listeners may subscribe in iTunes. Episodes include:

  • Rinku Sen and Gary Delgado on Multiracial Movement Building
  • Lutze Segu (@FeministGriote) on twitter activism, and finding your love ethic.
  • Janna Zinzi and Tara Conley on Growing Up in Multiracial Families
  • Ai-jen Poo and Kai Wright on Race, Gender, and Employment
  • Chief Thomas Dardar on surviving “Indian Schools,” and keeping traditions alive
  • Franchesca Ramsey & Kat Lazo on how to survive YouTube as a content creator of color
  • Bishop Tonyia Rawls on working with the Black church for LGBTQ justice.
  • Larry Fellows III on finding himself, in Ferguson
  • Jeff Chang on “Who We Be,” a conversation about race and culture
  • Glenn Harris on racial equity, and changing the system from within.
  • Malkia Cyril on media technology, and telling the story of power.
  • Pramila Jayapal on Resilience, Resistance and Making America Home.
  • Parker T Hurley on queer identity and finding family.
  • Linda Sarsour on how Islam feeds social justice