Rice Laments Lack of Black Diplomats; VA Allows Voter Drives

By Jonathan Adams Sep 09, 2008

V.A. to Reverse Ban on Voter Registration Drives The Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday that it will allow voter registration drives among veterans living at federally run nursing homes, shelters for the homeless and rehabilitation centers across the country. New York Times. Rice Wants More Black Diplomats Condoleezza Rice is frustrated with the lack of people of color in Foreign Service and says she, "rarely see somebody who looks like me." The Secretary of State has teamed up with Rep. Charlie Rangel to increase the number of recruits of color come to the Foreign Service. ABC News. Gustav is Gone, Baton Rouge Still in the Dark "Seven days after Hurricane Gustav, nearly 40 percent of the city’s electrical power remains out, and the principal utility, Entergy, says it will be the last week of September before everyone’s electricity here in the state capital is restored." New York Times. Spike Lee Calls "Miracle at St. Anna" Rebuttal to War Mythology Spike Lee made headlines a few months ago for saying Clint Eastwood’s two WWII movies left out Black soldiers, but now the "Do the Right Thing" director is releasing his own war film that will tell the story of an all-black 92nd Division, known as the Buffalo Soldiers. CBC News.