The Revolutionary Workout That Every Black Body in America Needs

Forget a playlist. History is what you need to feel inspired at the gym.

By Jamilah King Feb 11, 2014

Tired of the same old workout routine? Is Nike Training club just not cutting it for you anymore? Then try Andia Winslow and Monique Walton’s new Legacy Workout, which boasts Tuskeegee crunches, Shirley (Chisholm and Jackson) pushups, and house cleaner/child rearer ab rolls. 

The Legacy Workout is dedicated to the memory of bodies of work. Of bodies at work. And at play. Of minds committed to mining greatness, to combating injustice, to insuring a future for future bodies, and minds. The Legacy Workout is dedicated to legacy makers past, present and future. The black body. The celestial body. The empowered human body, in motion. 

This is not trivial. This is tribute. Each movement reflects a person, a people, or a point in time — an era. Because they dreamed us, because they dreamed of a better place for us –and for themselves– we owe them. We owe it to ourselves to do/be better. To be caretakers of our bodies without which we cannot persist; we cease to exist. Infinity is our limit.

Let the history of black bodies in America be all the inspiration that your daily workout needs.

(h/t Ava DuVernay