Retired Elderly of Color Forced to Find Jobs; Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric is Deadly

By The News Dec 02, 2008

Recession Forces Elderly of Color Out of Retirement Economists have finally admitted that we are in a recession, but the Big Three aren’t the only ones feeling it. Many elderly people of color have lost their retirement savings in the financial crisis and are out looking for work. New America Media. NC Anti-Gang Law Increases Hate Crimes Punishment "Adults and young people involved in gang activity as well as people who burn crosses or sexually assault children now face tougher punishments as 25 new laws took effect Monday in North Carolina." WRAL. Hugo Chavez Ready to Rule Until 2021 Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, launched a push for constitutional reform that would do away with term limits preventing him from seeking indefinite reelection. Guardian. Nation’s Largest Private Prison Operator Under Review Again The relatives of Terry Battle, a 55 year old Black man who died from pneumonia while in the custody of Corrections Corporation of America, wants answers from the private prisons company. The family suggests that neglect, not natural causes, ended the man’s life. Tennessean. Are Anti-Immigrant Politicians to Blame for Lucero’s Death? "Immigrant rights activists in suburban New York question how much anti-immigrant rhetoric by local politicians contributed to the murder of Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero. " New America Media.