Republicans Debate Immigration on Univision; Andrew Young: Obama Too Young

By The News Dec 10, 2007

Republicans Fence Immigration Tension During Univision Debate As the primaries approach and the Republican presidential nominee seems more uncertain, Univision sponsored a debate among Republican candidates in Miami where they were forced to carefully address their strong stances on immigration without alienating the Latino audience. New York Times. Washington Misrepresents US Racism to UN The US Human Rights Network, a coalition of 250 organizations that include the NAACP and the ACLU, released a report today that says the government has yet to live up to international standards of fighting racism. Reuters. Supreme Court Case Cracks Mandatory Sentencing Laws The Supreme Court on Monday said judges may impose shorter prison terms for crack cocaine crimes, enhancing judicial discretion to reduce the disparity between sentences for crack and cocaine powder. Washington Post. Andrew Young: It’s Not Obama Time Despite his link with Oprah, Obama has had several Black leaders endorse Hillary Clinton. Andrew Young argues that Barack Obama is too young to be president and should wait for the next election to run. Baltimore Sun.