Report Finds ICE Raids Violate Constitution

By The News Aug 04, 2009

Immigration Raids Violate Constitutional Guarantees A new report released by the Benjamin Cardozo Law School’s Immigration Justice Clinic found that ICE agents routinely violate constitutional guarantees by illegally entering homes using physical force, seizing innocent people and targeting people based solely on their race. IL Attorney General Sues Wells Fargo for Discrimination Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo accusing them of selling high-cost subprime mortgage loans to Black and Latino borrowers while while white borrowers with similar incomes received lower-cost loans from the bank. Holder Says Prisons Not the Answer Attorney General Eric Holder told the American Bar Association on Monday that incarceration is not the key to lowering crime rates. Instead he proposes diverting non-violent drug offenders away from prison and into treatment programs, saving taxpayer money.