Rep. John Lewis Changes Vote; Bush Decries Nooses During Black History Month

By The News Feb 15, 2008

Bush Offended By Nooses During Black History Month Several months after the incident in Jena, LA, during his speech for Black History Month, President Bush reminds Americans that lynching and nooses are "not a harmless prank." WZZM. CNN Reframes Race Vs Gender Question After angry backlash from readers for a question asking if Black women were more likely to vote based on their race or their gender, CNN goes to Ohio to ask women if racism or sexism is more offensive. CNN. John Lewis Leaves Clinton Camp to Represent Constituents Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, caused quite a controversy when he endorsed Clinton over Obama, but he has changed his mind. The civil rights activist turned congressman has announced that he will vote with his constituency for Barack Obama. New York Times.