Rep. Jean Schmidt, Birther, To Resign (In Parallel Universe)

By Channing Kennedy Sep 09, 2009

This has been burning up the internets, and for good reason, since it’s hilarious. Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH) ends up on the wrong end of a microphone when she and a festively dressed supporter find a common bond: they both believe that the President of the United States is not a citizen, and therefor cannot legally hold his position. What separates this coming-out ceremony from the average Alan Keyes public appearance? It’s all about sotto voce. Of course, since ‘birtherism’ is grounded in a combination of racism and insanity, any public figure espousing such views will immediately do the right thing and step down in disgrace. And by ‘step down in disgrace’ I mean ‘be asked to deliver the rebuttal to Obama’s health care speech tonight.’ Just so we’re totally clear, this is what birthers believe: