Rep. Chris Smith: Fetuses Are the ‘Most Persecuted Minority In the World’

The latest race-baiting from the anti-abortion movement. This one's a doozy.

By Akiba Solomon May 04, 2011

The geniuses in the House passed Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)’s deceptively titled "No Taxpayer for Abortion Act". This is no surprise in Tea Party land the GOP-dominated chamber.

What did surprise me was the sheer illogic of Smith’s race-baiting rhetoric. 

During his psychic reading floor speech, as he forecasted the shame "future generations of Americans" will feel when they look back and realize that he and his ilk were right about using tax policy to deny women reproductive health care; derailing reforms that might have extended health insurance to people already on the Earth; narrowing the definition of rape by any means necessary; compelling IRS audits of abortion services; and traveling to Kenya on taxpayer money to spread his fetus-rights movement to the Motherland, he said:

"Someday I truly believe future generations of Americans will look back on us… and will note with deep sadness [how] some of our politicians, while they talked about human rights, never lifted a finger to protect the most persecuted minority in the world: the child in the womb."

Can someone please explain how fetuses are a minority? And how this minority is being persecuted in the womb? I’m no mathlete, but this just seems statistically impossible.

Maybe the 253 Republicans and 16 Democrats who voted yes to H.R. 3 will have some answers. 

I’m waiting.  

[Hat tip to Raw Story for the video and transcription.]