Rep. Chris Smith and a Little International Women’s Day Irony

Rep. Chris Smith, the New Jersey Republican who tried to narrow federal funding for abortions in the case of rape, is all for women's rights--in China.

By Akiba Solomon Mar 08, 2011

Happy International Women’s Day!

To mark the 100th anniversary of this auspicious occasion, I’d like to offer you a little irony.

Rep. Chris Smith, the New Jersey crackhead Republican who slipped ‘forcible rape’ into his sweeping "No Taxpayer for Abortion Act" is fighting for women’s rights–as long as they live in China.

From TPM:

On Monday [Smith] held a press event to mark International Women’s Day and call on China to abandon its so-called "one child policy" which Smith says has helped lead the nation to a high suicide rate among its female population.

The policy of coercing women to abort a second child has led, Smith said, to "millions" of young girls and women disappearing, either through murder, kidnapping or human trafficking.

"This is gendercide," Smith said, "the evil twin of genocide."

So the vagina hater congressman who tried to narrow the federal funding exemption for abortion in the case of rape to ‘forcible rape’ (as opposed to, say, ‘gentle rape’) is trying to protect Chinese girls and women? He actually cares about what happens to them after they’re born? 

Riiiight. And if you believe that, you believe R. Kelly only likes grown-up ladies. 

Anyhoo, for information about gendercide that isn’t tainted by Smith’s anti-abortion demagoguery, click here. And click here for info about the human consequences of China’s one-child policy.