Remembering Latino Veterans

By The News Nov 12, 2007

Veterans Day is a time for forgotten Latinos to be recognized Bay area resident, William Carrillo, who fought in the Army Air Corps, is one of the 500,000 veterans of Latino descent from World War II. It is also these Latino soldiers, in regards to their numeric proportion, who have earned more Medals of Honor than any other ethnicity. Maggie Rivas-Rodríguez, through the U.S. Latino and Latina WWII Oral History project, has been working to ensure that these stories of Latino veterans are not forgotten. San Francisco Chronicle. School worker fights racism Although Tiney Panteleoy has worked in Chicago-area’s Indian Springs School District since 1992 as a part-time lunchroom supervisor and part-time custodian, she has yet to secure a full-time position there. She believes that this is backlash from having reported several racist incidents to her supervisor, including the keying and tire-slashing of her car. Chicago-Sun Times. Mexicans returning to vote in person despite new absentee option On Sunday, the Mexican state of Michoacán held its gubernatorial elections. This election is the first time Mexicans living abroad can vote via absentee ballot, and many Mexicans are actually returning to cast their ballot in person. Despite the new system implemented, officials do not anticipate a large number of absentee ballots to actually be submitted. San Francisco Chronicle.