Remember the Referendums on the Ballots; Farrakhan Finds Message of Change, Too

By The News Oct 22, 2008

Farrakhan Calls for Change, Inclusion in Religion "Calling today’s organized religion a failure, the Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday urged a "new beginning" during the rededication ceremony for a renovated mosque on Chicago’s South Side, striking a tone of inclusion toward Jews, Christians and other Muslims." Chicago Tribune. Michael Vick Will Plead Guilty to Dogfighting Charges "Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick plans to plead guilty to state dogfighting charges, a step that could allow him to qualify for an early release from federal prison and into a halfway house, court papers show." Associated Press. The Right’s Referendum Push Along with propositions on the ballot in California and Ward Connerly is trying to ban affirmative action in five states, there are many referendums on ballots across the country that are being ignored leading up to the presidential election. Socialist Worker. Census director signs policy for coordinating with Native Americans "The head of the U.S. Census Bureau and Native American leaders formalized a deal Monday under which the bureau and tribes will work together to make sure native populations are counted fully in 2010." Arizona Republic.