Relive Kanye’s Real-Talk ‘George Bush’ Moment, 10 Years Later

By Kenrya Rankin Sep 02, 2015

When NBC decided to host “A Concert for Hurricane Relief,” a live benefit concert to raise money for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the network probably didn’t anticipate that Kanye West would use his time on camera to tell the 8.5 million people watching how he really felt. 

He began by condemning the media for using coded language to describe people of color on the ground in New Orleans and ended, to the horror of fellow presenter Mike Meyers, with “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” It was the first time fans and haters alike saw how unafraid Ye is to speak his mind about non-music issues. Today, on the 10th anniversary of the event, watch the clip below and relive his real-talk moment.