‘The Reid Report’ Canceled Amid MSNBC Shake-Up

By Jamilah King Feb 20, 2015

MSNBC is shaking things up at 30 Rock. The network announced on Thursday that it’s canceling Joy-Ann Reid’s "The Reid Report" and Ronan Farrow’s "Ronan Farrow Daily." The hosts will still reportedly be involved with the network, but each show struggled with ratings over the past year.

Reid has been a longtime contributor to the network and has been so popular that fans even began a petition to get her show on the air.

Reid, along with Melissa Harris Perry and Janet Mock, was one of only a handful of black female cable news hosts in an industry dominated by white men

These infographics from Media Matter show the race and gender imbalances in cable news: gender-diversity-cable.jpg ethnic-diversity-cable-3.jpg

Here’s a look at an interview with Rep. Barbara Lee that represents just some of what Reid accomplished: