Reid Promises DREAM Act Vote in Lame Duck Session

Win or lose, the embattled Senator says that he won't back down.

By Julianne Hing Nov 01, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s last minute desperation has become DREAM Act advocates’ post-election promise. This weekend Sen. Reid spoke with Univision reporter Jorge Ramos and promised to bring up the DREAM Act again for a vote in a lame duck session, no matter if he wins or loses his election tomorrow. Reid is deadlocked in a heated race against Senate Republican nominee Sharron Angle, a Tea Party-backed candidate who’s unleashed a slew of [race-baiting]( [anti-immigrant]( ads across the state of Nevada to rile up voters over immigration issues. "I have the right to do that, you know, I have the right to bring that up any time I want, that’s why I brought it up the first time," Reid said on "Al Punto" on Sunday. "I am a believer in our needing to do something…We all support the DREAM Act. I just need a handful of Republicans to help me." Reid blamed Republicans and named Arizona Sen. John McCain in particular for blocking any kind of immigration reform or movement on even modest proposals like the DREAM Act, which would provide undocumented youth with a clean criminal record an opportunity to become citizens if they committed to two years of military service or college. "I just need a handful of Republicans," [Reid said]( "I would settle for two or three Republicans to join with me on the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform, but they have not been willing to step forward." Reid also spoke confidently about his prospects on Tuesday, and said "our polling is right where we want it to be."