Real-Life Depictions of Reggaeton’s Most Sexist Lyrics

By Jamilah King Jun 16, 2014

Warning: Graphic images below.

Alejandra Hernandez is a graphic design student at Bogota’s Panamerican University and is waging a war against these reggaeton song lyrics, according to Fusion. Hernandez created posters of some of the genre’s most sexist lyrics for a class assignment back in April, and those images have since gone viral in Latin America.

"Our goal is not to ban reggaeton and other urban rhythms," Hernandez told Fusion. "But maybe there can be some change, maybe lyrics can change so that women aren’t mistreated."

"People may listen to these songs because they like the rhythm," Hernandez added. "But when you really start to look at the messages they’re leaving, you think wow, this is quite awful."

Be warned: the images below are extremely graphic and depict violence against women. 

"I’m going to pound you in the kitchen."


"If you were a nail and I was a hammer I would nail you down."


"She likes to be hit hard and eaten."