Readers Play Tiny Violin for Arizona’s Financial Losses [Facebook Edition]

Let's just sat we're not exactly shedding any tears.

By Channing Kennedy Nov 19, 2010

Recently, we devoted this space to commentary on our articles from Tumblr users, with great results. Today, let’s hand over the mic to our fans on Facebook, who grace our articles with their thoughts, questions, and links on a minute-by-minute basis, in comment conversations happening parallel to the ones here on the main site.

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In regards to the white woman who got videotaped firing off a string of racial slurs at an admirably composed Black mail carrier — a mail carrier who then got fired — Khalliff W. says:

This woman is no more crazy than anybody else who uses their privileges to abuse people but then claims they are the victim. And I’m not just talking about Glen Beck and the Tea Party. … This is why George Bush got mad at Kanye. He thought he was helping Black people too.

And at the followup news that this isn’t this woman’s first offense, Alison L. says:

Obviously this lady has a lot of issues! The police were probably upset that he didn’t press charges because they have to still keep running around town after her.

On the genuinely great news that California is standing up for its undocumented college students’ right to, uh, pay for state college, Cristina L. says:

Immigrant families (including undocumented) pay taxes in California and therefore should pay in-state tuition entitled to all California’s residents. All higher education should be provided free. Even with in-state tuition, many students graduate with loads and loads of debt.

This week, Julianne Hing wrote about the $141 million that Arizona’s lost to its own controversial immigration laws. Jason D. says:

it’s good business for those in the Hate Business (like FAIR), though…

Donna M.:

This is still nothing compared to what many of those targeted in Arizona have lost and continue to do so: lives, family members…my thoughts, love and prayers to them.

and Floyd S.:

Gee, $141M – that’s only about $4 per Hispanic American they’ve stigmatized. … Also, Arizona was famously the last state to recognize Martin Luther King’s birthday. So even if they repeal SB1070 someday, it doesn’t seem to me like a very safe place to make an investment or plan a convention, ever. (It does kind of beg the question, who are they going to offend next?)

And finally, here’s reader Teresa B.‘s reaction to an LAPD officer’s claim that he can’t do his job without racial profiling:

At least he’s being honest. You can defend against the truth; it’s those cowards that shelter themselves in lies that are hard to uncover.

And on that cheery note, have a great weekend, and see you on the Internet!