Readers Answer: How Would They Use Their Mega Millions for Good?

We asked readers what they would do if they won tonight's mega million jackpot. Here are the answers.

By Jorge Rivas Mar 30, 2012

Earlier today we asked readers a simple question:

What’s the first thing you would do for social justice if you win tonight’s $640 million Mega Millions jackpot?"

We got almost a hundred responses on Twitter, the Colorlines Facebook page and in the comments section for the story. The comments ranged from donuts, buying Congress members and starting funds to send DREAMers to college.

Below are just two or three dozen of the responses. Take a look, there are some really thoughtful responses and a good list of organizations that folks want to help.

It means the world to us here at Colorlines when you share and provide feedback. So with that, thank you and good luck to all of those waiting for the results tonight. Including me.