READ: Writer Adrienne Maree Brown on Sexuality and Race

By Miriam Zoila Pu00e9rez Jul 28, 2017

Casual sex, nonmonogamy and marijuana as a pleasure enhancer are just some of the topics that adrienne maree brown (you might remember her from our post-election interview) covers in The Pleasure Dome, her column for Bitch magazine. The column centers the experiences and voices of people of color, which is uncommon when it comes to writing on sex and sexuality.

Her lastest installment, "Nipples Are Magic," touches on her own ecstatic experiences with pleasure and how racism influences what is considered sexy when it comes to nipples. From the essay:

I’d be remiss not to mention nipple hierarchy: Nipples with smaller or lighter areolas are considered more attractive than those with the darker, larger areolas (we recently saw Rob Kardashian critiquing powerhouse Blak Chyna’s post birth nipples in his tantrums)—which often come with Black and Brown bodies, and with breastfeeding. Large and/or dark nipples are for fetish, not for beaches or titillating. It has to be said that disdain for the dark nipple feels connected to ancestral mammy memories. What mental calisthenics it took to apply White supremacy to navigating bodies of Black and Brown people!

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