READ: Shaun King Advocates Nationwide Boycott to End Police Violence

By Sameer Rao Sep 23, 2016

As Charlotte and the rest of the nation wrestle with the aftermath of Keith Lamont Scott‘s killing by Officer Brentley Vinson, activist and journalist Shaun King echoed calls for a nationwide economic boycott in his latest piece for the New York Daily News.

"The anger I see in Charlotte right now is honestly no different than the anger I see all over this country," wrote King. "Every major city in America is one incident away from having a meltdown. It’s ugly, but it’s real."

Outlining his call for a boycott, he invoked another famous King and criticized his distorted public image: 

It is time that we organize a passionate, committed, economic boycott. It must be painful. It must be unified. And we must continue with it until we see change. This country is clearly willing to continue killing unarmed men, women and children without ever making any serious efforts at reforms. This economic boycott can change that.

Of course, they will tell us that we should be more like Dr. King, but you and I know that the caricature of King they speak of is but a hollow shell created in their own image. We will be like Dr. King when he helped lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott for 381 days from December, 5, 1955 to December 20, 1956.

Read the full piece here.