READ: Constance Wu, B.D. Wong and Other APIA Actors’ Thoughts on Hollywood Whitewashing

By Sameer Rao May 26, 2016

Constance Wu joined several other Asian-American stars for a critique of Hollywood’s Whitewashing of Asian and Asian-American performers and characters.

"It changed me," the #StarringConstanceWu star said of her starring role in ABC’s "Fresh Off the Boat" in The New York Times article, which was published yesterday (May 25). She added that the role shifted her focus "from self-interest to Asian-American interests."

The story, which you can read here in full, focuses on those interests—principally, the slow-but-steady change brought about in part by Wu and other performers and creators protesting a showbusiness culture that permits White actors’ casting in Asian parts over casting actual Asian Americans. 

A mix of rising and veteran performers like Aziz Ansari ("Master of None, "Parks and Recreation"), Daniel Dae Kim ("Hawaii Five-0," "Lost") and B.D. Wong ("Gotham," "Oz") also address Hollywood racism and changing dynamics in the piece. Wong said that campaigns against the lack of Asian-American leads and casting of White actors in Asian-American roles fight "an age-old stereotypical notion that Asian-American people don’t speak up," while Ansari observed that "it’s almost like the whole system is slowly being shamed into diversity, but it’s moving at a snail’s pace."

The article also featured social media campaigns like #OscarsSoWhiteMargaret Cho‘s #WhitewashedOut, #StarringConstanceWu and #StarringJohnCho—each of which is cited as a successful action in protest of entertainment’s erasure actions.

Read the full story here.