READ: Black Lives Matter Activists Say They Aren’t Endorsing Political Candidates

By Sameer Rao Aug 10, 2015

Only a day after Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle halted a Bernie Sanders rally to demand he address structural racism, seemingly provoking a new racial justice platform and his hiring of a young black racial justice advocate who supports the movement as his press secretary, Black Lives Matter has made an official statement on political candidates: They are not endorsing anybody.

The statement, which was released on today, professes that they will not be supporting any presidential candidate at this time, as well as that they "are not controlled by the same political machine [they] are attempting to hold accountable."

Read the full statement below: 

At this time, #BlackLivesMatter does not endorse any presidential candidate. Moreover, we are not affiliated with a political party. Our work is not funded or driven by any political party nor is it influenced by local or national candidates.

As stated in our mission, #BlackLivesMatter is an ideological and political intervention; we are not controlled by the same political machine we are attempting to hold accountable. In the year leading up to the elections, we are committed to holding all candidates for Office accountable to the needs and dreams of Black people. We embrace a diversity of tactics. We are a decentralized network aiming to build the leadership and power of black people. We do not endorse any political party and we are not supported by any political party. Our political aims we’ve stated clearly. Historically, all political parties have participated in the systematic disenfranchisement of Black people. Anti-black racism, especially that sanctioned by the state, has resulted in the loss of healthy and thriving Black life and well-being. Given that, we will continue to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their policies and platforms. We will also continue to demand the intentional dismantling of structural racism.

For more information about #BlackLivesMatter nationally, please visit the official website at, follow @BlkLivesMatter on Twitter, or visit the Facebook page here.