Racists Call for Post-Election Militia Revival; Jury Awards $2.5 Million to Victim of Klan Attack

By The News Nov 20, 2008

Ideologues Call for Post-Election Militia Revival With the election of the nation’s first black president, some conspiracy theorists and fringe “Patriot” radio hosts are seeking to reverse that course by calling on their friends and countrymen to arm themselves, organize and head for the hills in preparation for a fast-approaching second Civil War. HateWatch Why Is the National Press Ignoring Small-Town Racism? Sadly the national papers and wire services are continuing to ignore the steady stream of local reports concerning post-election acts of racism. The only place to find them is in small-town papers. VF Daily scoured small-town America for news of these incidents, and what they found is troubling. Vanity Fair Jury Awards $2.5 Million to Victim of Klan Attack in Kentucky The Southern Poverty Law Center won a major jury verdict last week against one of the nation’s largest Klan groups for its role in the brutal beating of a teenager at a county fair in rural Kentucky. The $2.5 million verdict will likely cripple the Imperial Klans of America, which has 16 chapters in eight states. Southern Poverty Law Center Obama Taps Several Native Leaders for Cabinet Positions Barack Obama named six Native people to his transition team – half of them assigned to assist in Interior Department policy, budget and personnel changes. Indianz