Racist Tabloid Wednesday: Reports of an Angry Black Woman at the White House

Because some of the most racist stories are available at your local grocery check stand.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 11, 2012

This is a public service announcement, some of the most racist stories that are mostly based on stereotypes are available at your local grocery check stand.

This edition of racist tabloid Wednesday includes a lot of gossip about celebrities, two engagements and accusations that there is an angry black woman at the White House.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are engaged, according to Us Weekly.

A source tells Us Weekly she "had given up on being married, but she trusts Olivier. He makes her feel safe. He’s a keeper!" 

A keeper, y’all!

According to Star magazine, Jennifer Lopez pays her "boy toy" Casper Smart $10,000 per week.

"She hated having to whip out her credit card every time they go to dinner," explains a so-called "source" for the tabloid, adding, "And it bummed her out that Casper had to borrow money from her to buy Christmas presents, including hers."

That’s why J. Lo is allegedly giving Smart an allowance, says the gossip rag.

"Jen figured it’s easier to give Casper a weekly stipend, and she thought $10K was a nice round number," says the Star source.

We’ve got reports of one more engagement! Eeeeextra! Mario Lopez reportedly asked Courtney Mazza to marry him over New Year’s weekend in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Ok, finally. A racist story. You’ve heard of the ‘angry black woman stereotype?


The National Enquirer reports First Lady Michelle Obama has been losing her cool with White House aides lately.

She cleared it all up on ABC this morning though. She says people have tried to portray her as "some kind of angry black woman."

The first lady pushed back specifically against reports of friction with the president’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

And that’s not the biggest story. According to the Enquirer, Blue Ivy Carter came via a surrogate.

Let’s hope Blue Ivy Carter likes to share her toys because inTouch is reporting she has a nursery worth $3.5 million dollars.

That Mitt Romney just can’t get a break. There’s reports he tortured his dog. 

According to the Globe, the presidential candidate left his dog inside a carrier on top of his car for 12 hours.