Racist Phone Calls for Hmong City Council Candidate in Minnesota

A racist man angry about the Saint Paul's changing demographics takes it out on a local politician. And there's a recording of it.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 10, 2011

Bee Kevin Xiong is a Saint Paul father of three who’s running for City Council and happens to be Hmong. Recently, Xiong got a racist and hateful voice mail from a resident that lives in his district. "You are Hmong, and I don’t understand why you people think you can take the state of Minnesota over like this," the angry caller said.

Xiong’s platform isn’t very different than any other candidate running for city council — he wants to lower crime rates, lower property taxes and even promises working toward getting people’s foreclosed homes back. "My platform is putting people first. I treat people with fairness, respect and dignity," Xiong’s campaign website reads.

The angry caller wants none of it and he’s seems to be angry about everything, but really it’s all mostly fueled by racism. Transcript as follows:

Hello. I just got your flyer. I’m a house owner and property owner of the city of St. Paul, and I know a lot of people who would not vote for you. You are Hmong, and I don’t understand why you people think you can take the state of Minnesota over like this. We would never vote for you. You all do everything to have the Hmongs come over in the city of St. Paul. You’ve taken over the state of Minnesota practically, and we don’t agree with that. The only people that’s going to vote for you is the Hmong people. I don’t understand why you guys throw this stuff out and you think you can, what… You own your own businesses, and you do your own businesses, and you purchase things from your own businesses. You buy Toyotas and you buy Hondas — what, because you guys can’t fit inside a Cadillac or truck or something? We don’t understand that. You’ll never make it to council… with the people in Minnesota. So don’t send your shit over here, I’m telling you that. Fucking Hmongs.

The page hosting local news coverage is down so we can’t provide more details. But Census data from 2010 shows Minnesota’s Hmong population rose from 45,443 in 2000 to 66,181 in 2010. So the angry caller isn’t just racist but he’s also afraid of his new neighbors.

No word on whether St. Paul’s Hmong population only drive Toyotas and Hondas.

(h/t Angry Asian Man)