Racist NY Post Obama Cartoon Spurs Protests

By The News Feb 27, 2009

President Obama Prioritizes Higher Ed In Budget President Obama hopes to broaden access to financial aid for higher education by increasing lending from the government. His proposal also incorporates changes for urban, low-income K-12 students based on a successful New York program called the Harlem Children’s Zone. USA Today. Senate Committee To Uncover CIA Detention Tactics The Senate Intelligence Committee intends to carry out an extensive investigation of the CIA’s detention policies during the Bush administration era. They hope to learn how to improve detention policies and ensure that inhumane practices are prevented. Washington Post. Problematic Immigration Policy Keeps Latino Prison Population Rising Justin Akers Chacon writes about the alarmingly disproportionate number of Latinos incarcerated in federal prisons and its reflection off immigration policy gone awry. The Latino population in federal prisons has ballooned to 40% within the last decade. The Progessive. NAACP Launches Campaign Over NY Post Cartoon Members of the NAACP will protest at Fox affiliates in 50 cities today calling for the firing of the cartoonist and editor responsible for the racist NY Post cartoon and a plan to diversify their news operation. Washington Post.