The Racism in Germany They Didn’t Cover

By The News May 11, 2007

A grizzly murder of an African man by German police barely makes tnews, but some are calling it a ghost of Nazism, the Black Star News reports. This story is worth reading.

Germany made some recent international headlines when it was exposed that military trainers had instructed recruits to imagine that they were being attacked by Blacks in the Bronx, USA, and how the would fight back. Yet, there is case which hits to the core of racism that has received much less publicity — it involves the cruel death of an African immigrant in the hands of German law enforcement… Oury Jallow, a 21-year-old Sierra Leonean, left his war-torn country to find sanctuary in Germany, where he could bring to fruition his dream of a peaceful and thriving life. It hadn’t crossed his mind that some German law enforcement agents would treat him with such cruelty. That’s exactly what happened in the night of January 7th, 2005, when he was arrested and taken into police custody, allegedly for being “inebriate and harassing women.” Jallow was then taken to one police station in Dessau, “searched” and hogtied on a fire-proof mattress in a cell. In the middle of the night, a blaze flared up in his cell and burned him down. Although the young man cried for help, the two policemen in attendance didn’t budge an inch to snatch him off the throes of the heat.

The police said Jallow had committed suicide. But thanks to an activist friend who wasn’t believing it, the two officers are standing trial. See full story here. It’s one you’ll want to follow.