Racial Harassment Picks Up After Video About Being Black at UCLA Law School

Feb 27, 2014

How does it feel to be a black student at UCLA Law School today? A black student named Alexis Gardner received a note in her mailbox telling her, "Stop being a sensitive nigger," just two weeks after a handful of black UCLA Law students released a video about the emotional toll of being in the extreme minority at the school. 

UCLA police are investigating the incident after Gardner reported the hate mail she received on Monday. Students have also been reporting that Black Law Student Association posters have been getting ripped down, according to Above the Law

(photo via Huffington Post)

"We recognize that racial issues exist across the campus, not just in the law school," UCLA Law School Dean Rachel Moran told the blog Above the Law. "At the Law School, my staff and I are taking concrete steps — such as workshops, vigorous outreach and curricular reform — to advance diversity and racial tolerance so that we can enjoy civil dialogue about these very sensitive issues."

Racial issues, indeed. 

It’s been quite a month for racial violence and anti-black antagonism on college campuses. University of Mississippi indefinitely suspended the campus’ chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon after members of the fraternity hung a noose and a former Georgia state flag which includes the Confederate battle emblem in its design around a statue of James Meredith. Meredith was the first black student to attend and desegregate Ole Miss. In a separate incident this month Asian-American student groups and student service offices at UCLA and USC started receiving racist, sexist fliers. "Asian women R honkie white boy worshiping whores!!!!" the fliers read.