Racial Attacks Aid Obama; Immigrants Not the Criminals

By The News Feb 28, 2008

California Immigrants Not So Illegal In spite of efforts to vilify immigrants, a new report reveals that immigrants in California are less likely than US born residents to commit crimes. TIME. Racial Ruse at South African University Prompts Protest In South Africa, white students made a video degrading black residence staff in efforts to protest their university’s residence integration. On Wednesday, black and white students marched to protest the video in which the staff seems to have been tricked into consuming urine. CNN. Race-Baiting Seems to Help Obama Campaign After an endorsement by Louis Farrakhan and a photo of him in traditional Muslim garb, some argue that Barack Obama’s support is strengthened. New York Magazine. La. Blacks Help Mexican Strawberry Pickers Forced into slave-like working conditions on their guest worker visas, thirty Mexican men organized against the poor treatment and found allies in the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. New America Media.