Rachel Maddow Mentions CHAMP on World AIDS Day

By Jonathan Adams Dec 02, 2008

Rachel Maddow gives a shout-out to CHAMP for opposing Rep. James Ramstad (R-MN/3rd) as a possible selection to be the director of national drug control policy or "drug czar" in the Obama administration. Media reports assert that Rep. James Ramstad (R-MN/3rd) may be chosen as director of national drug control policy or "drug czar". Rep. Ramstad has been a leader in expanding drug treatment access and improving addiction awareness, and has publicly triumphed over addiction in his own life. But, he has voted: * to make permanent the federal funding ban on syringe exchange, * to ban Washington DC from spending its own locally raised funds on syringe exchange programs in 2000, and * against lifting the same DC ban in 2007. In his platform, President-Elect Obama pledged to lift the funding ban on syringe exchange. Urge the transition team today to not appoint a drug czar who has voted, time and again, to block access to sterile syringes for HIV prevention.