Racewire Goes to the Facing Race Conference

By Jonathan Adams Nov 13, 2008

Just 9 days after the election of Barack Obama, more than 800 racial justice advocates–from policy experts to activists to artists–are gathering at Facing Race Conference, a national conference sponsored by the Applied Research Center November 13-15 in Oakland, California. If you aren’t already here, we will be liveblogging the Facing Race Conference so you don’t miss a moment. The first major conference following the 2008 elections on race, panels and workshops will examine race in the presidential campaign, race in the global economy, the racial politics of funding and philanthropy, immigrant rights, health equity across racial lines and many other topics, all aimed at developing innovative strategies and building successful models to advance racial justice in the United States. The conference will also mark the launch of a highly-anticipated Compact for Racial Justice, a six-issue policy proposal addressed to the President Elect, outlining concrete policy changes at the federal level, aimed at measuring "impacts not intentions" through a revived Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Justice. Check back for daily video coverage of the conference.