The RaceWire Beat – 10.05.06

By Jessica Valoris Oct 05, 2006

The RaceWire Beat is a digest of the day’s top news stories on race and politics collected by the staff at ColorLines magazine. Adults on Welfare With H.I.V. or AIDS Hit With Rent Increase Over two-thousand people living in NYC government-subsidized housing and have HIV or AIDS will be required to spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. U.S. Must Protect Endangered Public Hospitals The crisis facing the King/Drew medical center in Los Angeles is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health care and the poor in America. State of Emergency Declared in California’s State Prisons Schwarzenegger’s move could allow forcible transfers of inmates to out-of-state lockups. Poor, Black and Dumped For decades black people, other ethnic minorities and some poor whites have been getting sick and dying from environmental racism. Bush Dismantles Child Care America’s childcare crunch is more dire than ever, thanks to Bush’s gutting of government programs that assist working families.