Questioned By a Moderator of His Peers

By Jonathan Adams Aug 12, 2008

The presidential debates have been set, as well as each of their moderators. In the most historic presidential election in the country’s history, the moderators chosen to question the candidates are all old, white men: Jim Lehrer, Tom Brokaw, and Bob Schieffer. While John McCain seems at home there, there aren’t people of color, any women, or even young white men for that matter, that will facilitate the discussion of issues that are important to all Americans. In seeming concillation, Gwen Ifill was tapped to moderate the vice-presidential debate (h/t Feministing). If these are the picks for the presidential debates, what do think the short list looks like for Tim Russert’s job on Meet the Press? Michele Martin, whose worked at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and now my favorite NPR commentator, really puts this lack of diversity into perspective. Click here to listen to Michele Martin’s "Can I Just Tell You?"