This Queer Woman of Color Just Won a Seat in the Georgia House

By Sameer Rao Feb 17, 2016

Health advocate Park Cannon won a runoff election yesterday (February 16) for the Georgia State House’s District 58, which encompasses signficant parts of eastern Atlanta. According to her LinkedIn page, Cannon spent a year and four months as coordinator for a Black women’s wellness program with the Feminist Women’s Health Center before declaring her candidacy.

Cannon raised more money than opponent Ralph Long, and went on to defeat him in a runoff, winning 59 percent of the vote. No swear-in date has been announced, but Cannon will fufill the remaining term of state Representative Simone Bell, the first Black lesbian to serve in any state legislature. Cannon will be one of three openly queer House members; she joins Atlanta-area Representatives Keisha Waites and Karla Drenner. 

Cannon enters the state legislature as it considers a "religious freedom" bill that would offer some protections to organizations that object to gay marriage.

(H/t, Project Q Atlanta