Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have left their judging gigs on "American Idol" and now Aretha Franklin is openly lobbying to get herself on the show. Both CNN and TMZ published reports over the weekend that say the Queen of Soul has contacted producers to express her interest in filling one of the vacated seats on the judges’ panel. "Yes, I am interested as a judge," [Franklin confirmed to TMZ]( on Saturday when asked if she was interested in joining the singing competition. Another source close to the 70-year-old tells the [NY Daily News]( Franklin "seriously gunning for it now that it’s crossed her mind." Franklin is known for "telling it like it is." [Julie Hinds at the Detroit Free Press thinks Franklin could easily be the tough judge on the panel:]( > Franklin calls it like she sees it and has a, shall we say, diva-licious side that would make her a formidable critic — especially if the young, raw auditioners show any major dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Someone should have the ability to equal Simon Cowell’s honesty. We think Franklin could be that person. There’s one slight problem that could keep the Queen of Soul from joining the panel that travels from state-to-state though. [Aretha does not fly.](