Pu**y Grabs Back Protests Spread Nationwide

By Kenrya Rankin Oct 18, 2016

True to their word, a grassroots group just expanded last week’s #GOPHandsOffMe protest against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his party.

Women and allies in more than 15 cities—including Chicago, Miami, New York City, Oakland and Washington, D.C.—gathered outside local Trump campaign offices today (October 18) to “call for women to reject both the Republican nominee and the Republican Party more broadly and for members of the GOP to withdraw their endorsement of Donald Trump,” according to press release emailed to Colorlines.

The actions are meant to keep allegations of Trump’s sexual assault in the spotlight as the nation braces itself for the final presidential debate tomorrow (October 19). Organizers have also secured videos from assault survivors and feminist leaders—including Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and civil rights attorney Naila Awan—explaining why they want the GOP to “unendorse” Trump.

Follow the protests via Twitter. The group will also attempt to trend #GOPHandsOffMe during the debate.

Below, see some scenes from today’s actions.