Public Option Please!

By Leticia Miranda Oct 23, 2009

Health care advocates from across the country have recently launched, Public Option Please, a campaign to shift the discussion from stiff statistics to human rights. “With all this talk about “bending the cost curve,” it has become as dull, stale and boring as watching paint dry,” says Executive Director Eve Gittelson. So true. To bring life into the debate, POP’s website will act as a "ground zero" for advocates, activists and just interested folks to share information, learn, exchange ideas and act together to advocate for those who have been left behind in the health care debate. And for those of you gifted, creative folks, you have the chance to win cash prizes from $500.00 to $1000.00 and national recognition for your work. In today’s economy, that sounds good to me! POP is calling for art submissions "that use positive messaging to convey and encourage national dialogue around the importance of a Public Option in Healthcare Reform. Artwork themes should include: Public Option, Healthcare for All, Heal Ourselves and Heal the World, Healthcare and Social Justice, Transforming the Future of Healthcare, Healthcare as a Human Right." And the best part: all winners will receive national recognition for their art through POP’s campaign efforts. Deadline to submit is: Oct. 31. Email your art to: publicoptionpleasecontest[at] And check out the website at